Johnny Cash Lyrics

Music styling of Johnny Cash


Whatever generation you were born in, chances are if you listen to radio then you have certainly heard some of Johnny Cash’s music. One of the most influential musicians in recent history, he has served as an inspiration for many of today’s rock, country and gospel artists. He first began his journey into music by learning to play the guitar and eventually releasing a first album of gospel music. His desire to pursue this genre was greatly inspired by his mother who encouraged his art. In later years after having departed the air force, he returned to music intending to pursue gospel again, but due to lack of popularity instead opted for a more country and rock and roll styling to his music.  

His creativity contributed greatly to the then up and coming genres of rock and roll, and rockability. Overall he has one of the largest bodies of works of any musician, with over a thousand songs and dozens of albums put out. He was also well known for his fantastic concerts, the most famous of which took place within prison walls. It was in part due to his compassion towards prisoners that his bad body image was built around when in reality he had not served any serious jail time.

He did however over his carer face man demons that influenced johnny cash lyrics. Perhaps the most publicized was his battle with drug addiction that saw him go into rehab severally. Beyond this, his legacy as a top music artist has never been in question. Besides his own work, he also took to defending many negatively criticized musicians and nurtured some of the best talent still in the industry. Although it has been over a decade since his demise, he continues to heavily interest many of today’s most popular and up and coming artists with his soulful approach to music.